Best Spin In AZ

Dated: 10/24/2017

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RPM Spin AZ is absolutely one of my favorite places to Spin here in North Scottsdale within the Grayhawk community.

Not only is Rachel the owner, she's an awesome instructor, friend and wonderful women in business! Her and her team have continued energy, kindness and are always full of fun!

"RPM Spin is an independently owned drop-saddle studio where riders move to the beat and cycle standing using proper form. It's a fun and intense experience (plus, your tush will hurt no more)! This edgy environment offers a rad and rockin'  electric mix of music with lighting effects that will drive you wild! Otherwise, it's a dark ride - and when the lights go out your class becomes a more personal experience as you control your tension on the bike. (and the break you may need to take every so often)"

New Riders- they will teach you!!  You more seasoned Riders- they will always continue to challenge you and encourage you!

This "boutique" gym has brand new state-or-the-art equipment with 25 Pro LeMond series bikes with computers that sync to Polar! This gym will "Keep Scottsdale resident's fired up with energy to keep coming back in for more."

Be sure to visit for a free ride!!

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