I Bet On Me

Dated: 11/08/2018

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Thinking of the past two weeks and the changes made at the endo f a year make me tingle. Tingle in a good way and in a way that makes me proud. You see I could have stayed in my current office doing the same thing at year's end. I am good at that and I was comfortable. I was comfortable and stagnant. Are you some of you feeling like that now? Are you in a rut maybe? Are you looking forward to year's end only because of time off and a break from the monotony? As a business owner and real estate destination consultant I was not going to allow myself to head into 2019 without a plan. I am making a plan now and will do what it takes to roadmap it. My hustle and will are strong. I have hustle and heart. I am sharing this with you because the business I had is expanding. I am going to level up and want to bring you with me. If I can encourge you to level up we can share stories. Being a Realtor consultant has evolved in the last year in so many ways and I am aligned with go getters and professionals. Put yourself in the arena with like minded people and watch what happens. I am breaking into sports relocation and the universe has heard my call. I  will document my journey keeping confidential and discreet business practices of course but who knows I might share a pic or two.  I am ready. Let's go. 

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Bernadette Barba

Bernadette is undeniably relentless when it comes to her business. She walks the walk and hustles hard everyday to be the best she can be. With that mentality, she has been able to maintain a high lev....

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