Life's most important decision should not be "PART-TIME"

Dated: 04/10/2019

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I remeber when I saved my first $5000.00.  I wanted to put it in the stock market.  So I took my money to a STOCK BROKER.  When I walked into the office, there was a choice for me to make.  I could pick "JIM" who was a PART-TIME broker.  Nice guy , worked from noon to 5 3-4 days per week.  In fact, "JIM" was a friend to everyone.    Then there was "CASEY".  Casey was a full time time stock broker.  In fact, Casey was 29 years old, been  Stock broker for 4 years.  He was in the office every morning at 2 AM waiting for the other markets to open.  HE stayed till evening and prepared for the market the next morning.  NOW, this 5K was all the money in the world to me.  I was so nervous giving it up.  At this point, I thought this is my money who should I let handle it.  WELL , common sense, said "JASON, PUT YOUR MONEY WITH A FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL".  So I invested my money with "CASEY".  A great releationship was built.   FAST FORWARD:  Today people are selling and buying homes.  This is one of the largest descisions in life.   Why would you put your "investment" in the hands of a "PART-TIME" agent?  AS a full time agent, I see this daily, people will list their homes with a "Friend of a Friend".  They might be a waiter, a firefighter, a cop, a teacher, whatever their profession is , they are "PART-TIME".  At what point did REAL ESTATE become a job for part timers.  This is a profession that should be taken seriously. There are so many laws, rules and regualtions that need attention. It is crazy to hire someone that is not doing this as a career.  A full time Realtor, works to understand the market, the new rules, etc.  If Realtors are ever going to bring back integrity to this profession, then we need to make sure people know that WE ARE FULL TIME PROFESSIONALS.  When times are tough , we buckle down and get thru it.  I choose this as a career.  When I got into it, I made sure I had a few month reserve to survive.  I found my way, and make it work. Is it sometmes hard with a family - living on an unreliable salary? Is it hard work to only have leads by perserverance and determination? YES! ITS HARD! But I do it all with passion, not only for my family, but to genuinely see people make the RIGHT and BEST decision when it comes to handling one of the LARGEST decisions of their lives. I dont have the luxury of sitting idley by,  waiting for a relative or a friend to drop an occassional lead in my lap. NO. I have to be "out there" - discerning the needs of people in this market, always with my eyes open for a potential real estate opportunity. I have to hit the pavement in Arizona summers, 125 degrees, taking renters across town to seek a rental, because it helps me secure their steps to becoming a home owner. I do this 7 days a week. Not once every 6 months. I do this 365 days a year. Holidays are prime days when people want to go looking for a home, because its their day off. This is a FULL TIME job. Anyone who treats it otherwise, is just looking for some extra spending cash. In my opinon, that is not having the best interest of the client at heart. 

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