Millennials Are Buying Homes

Dated: 11/08/2017

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Millennials are buying homes! What is the driving factor? .....HIGH RENT!!

A Redfin survey mentioned that 45.4% of first time home buying millennials said that high rent influenced their decision to buy vs life events such as marriage and expanding/growing their family.

Millennials are becoming one of the largest group of home buyers according to Zillows head chief marketing officer.

4 ways to know you’re ready to buy a house   

  • Rent is too high.. You could possibly be paying more for rent than you could on your own mortgage payment! Even better, you could possibly match your rent payments to what your mortgage could be.

  • Financials are in order or close to it. Your income is stable and you can afford the down payment or qualify for a down payment assistance program so you can quit wasting money on rent and start building equity in your new home.   

  • You’re ready to settle down. You’ve been renting in an area that you love and want to stay there. 

  • You’ve done your research. Owning a house has been on your mind lately. You might even be looking around at websites like and Zillow to find homes.

Sound familiar? You might just be ready to buy a home!

Talk to a Real Estate Advisor today to learn more about the housing process in your area.

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